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Return of the Corporate Magazine and Newsletter

In today’s marketing climate, content is king. Once you’ve reached your customers, you need to keep them engaged with deeper content, with material that is more informative than promotional.

And the best way to achieve this is through a corporate magazine or newsletter. Whether delivered in print or online, these publications speak in a more independent, journalistic voice. They provide information that’s interesting to your customers and favorable to your company.

They’re also great vehicles for internal, employee communications.

With features, columns, interviews, fun facts, tidbits, and photos, a magazine or newsletter is the perfect vehicle to share your message.

Both magazines and newsletters must be published on a regular schedule. The ideal frequency for magazines is monthly, although a bimonthly or quarterly schedule can be used. For newsletters, it’s best to produce on a weekly basis, although some companies choose to publish biweekly or even daily.

Where I come in

I was the managing editor for close to 90 issues of a trade publication for a national association. I saw these publications through from conception to completion, including:

  • Planning the editorial calendar
  • Writing feature articles, columns, and tidbits
  • Working with and editing articles written by contributors
  • Selecting photos and writing captions
  • Coordinating the production process

In my 30 years as a writer, I not only produced magazines and newsletters, but also wrote close to 150 feature articles and 200 columns. This experience, along with my training in persuasive writing techniques, makes me the ideal person to serve as the managing editor of your corporate magazine or newsletter.

Services for your corporate publication include

  • Planning the editorial calendar
  • Writing and copy creation
  • Seeking and working with freelance writers (as needed)
  • Copy editing
  • Layout and design
  • Coordinating photo usage
  • Coordinating advertising placement
  • Coordinating the entire editorial and production process

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