Happy Anniversary!

Commemorate Your Anniversary or Special Occasion

Is your company or organization celebrating an anniversary? A centennial? The diamond white 75th? Gold 50th? Or, how about the silver 25th? Or anything in between.

Anniversaries give us the opportunity to celebrate our past while we look to the future. One of the favorite ways to take a trip down memory lane is through a commemorative magazine or table top book that features stories on your company's top achievements, profiles of past and current leaders, and an array of pictures.

Commemorative publications are created by…

  • Companies
  • Associations
  • Non-profits
  • Clubs
  • Colleges and universities

Can be used in multiple ways…

  • Provide added value for your
    • Clients
    • Customers
    • Sponsors
    • Vendors
    • Employees
    • General public
  • Press and marketing purposes
  • As a tool in image and advertising campaigns
  • Preserve your company’s legacy

For many reasons…

  • Recognize an anniversary or milestone
  • Highlight landmark achievements
  • Tell the history of a company, brand, or product
  • Highlight a special event
    • Launch of a new product
    • Establishment of a new event
  • Profile key people
    • Founders
    • Officers
    • Employees
    • Partners

    And provide multiple benefits…

    • Increase your brand awareness
    • Serve as an ambassador of your corporate image and culture
    • Create additional public relations through your distribution channels
    • Demonstrate your company as an expert or leader

    Where I come in
    I was the managing editor of many commemorative publications. I have seen these projects through from conception to completion, including:

    • Planning the editorial
    • Writing feature articles, columns, and tidbits
    • Editing articles written by contributors
    • Coordinating the use of historical pieces
    • Selecting photos and writing captions
    • Coordinating the production process

    In my 30 years as a writer, I have not only produced commemorative publications, but also magazines and newsletters. I’ve written close to 150 feature articles and 200 columns. This experience, along with my training in persuasive writing techniques, makes me the ideal person to write your commemorative publication.

    Services for your commemorative publication include

    • Archival research
    • Interviews of key people
    • Writing and copy creation
    • Copy editing
    • Layout and design
    • Coordinating photo usage
    • Coordinating the entire editorial and production process

    Ready to get started, contact me today.