And the Winner Is!

Crafting a Quality Awards Entry

Whether you’re submitting an entry for a company; a campaign; or an individual award, such as Forty Under 40; your written entry materials could mean the difference between taking home the trophy or watching from the sidelines.

No matter how excellent the company’s overall work is, how successful the campaign was, or how qualified you are, if you’re not presenting that information in the best manner, the judges may only glance at your entry and move on to the next one.

Keys to a quality entry

  • Are you answering all the questions?
  • Are you providing enough factual information?
  • Are you giving enough examples?

And, most importantly,

  • Are you writing in a persuasive manner?

Writing an awards entry is copywriting at its finest and requires a writer trained in persuasive writing techniques.

The trick is to take the factual information that proves your worth, coupled with the examples that demonstrate your excellence, and weave them into a story that the judges will want to read to the end.

Where I come in
For nine years, I ran a national business awards program that featured more than 15 categories each year. I’ve sat in hundreds of committee meetings and reviewed thousands of entries. I know what works, what doesn’t, and what judges want.

This, coupled with my 30 years experience as a writer and my training in persuasive writing techniques, makes me the ideal person to write your awards entry.

Services available include

  • Writing your awards entry document
  • Writing your video script
  • Writing your presentation script
  • Writing the text for your slide deck

I can be your solution for any or all of these entry components.

Ready to get started, contact me today.