Providing Copy for Your Specific Needs

Having been a writer and editor for 30 years, I can help you find the message you need to solve your problems and reach your goals.

Dive deep and learn more about Awards Entries, Commemorative Publications, and Corporate Magazines and Newsletters.


Additional Projects

In addition to awards entries, commemorative publications, and corporate magazines and newsletters, here are some of the projects I can provide for you:

Landing Pages – the main conversion pages for your products and services. Written in a persuasive style with the right call to action, these pages can either generate sales or leads. 

Sales Collateral – product information such as brochures, fliers, booklets, catalogs. Whether created for print or digital, these are the pieces that go in depth on your product or service and can assist your sales people in closing the deal. 

Trade Show Collateral – this can range from the design of the booth itself, to the printed materials displayed in the booth to the marketing messages to draw attendees to the booth. Improve your results with a carefully crafted message. 

Articles – editorial written for consumer or trade publications, newsletters or e-zines. These help your company build credibility.

Case Studies – these brief documents are written in an editorial style, similar to a magazine article, and showcase the benefits of your products or services through your clients’ success stories. These feel-good pieces can be used to show other clients how you can help them. They can set you apart from your competition.

White Papers/Special Reports – these “how to” informational documents define a business problem and present new or better solutions to solve the problem. These lead-generation documents can be used to position you as an expert in your field.

Advertorials/Sponsored Content – a combination of editorial copy and sales copy, these powerful pieces are written like editorial, but their purpose is to sell your product or service. A sales piece disguised as an editorial or information piece, advertorials are highly effective because your prospects don’t realize they’re being sold something.

Scripts - for videos, emcees, PSA, etc. Writing for the ear is different that writing for the eye. I provide scripts that capture the right tone while delivering the intended message.

Blog Posts - short articles posted on a regular basis will keep customers and prospects engaged and coming back to your website.

Press Releases - these one- to two-page pieces are used to inform the media of upcoming events, breaking news and other information of interest. Timed correctly, they can help generate publicity for your media event or product.

More – need materials that aren’t mentioned? Contact me to discuss your needs so we can craft a solution.