Awards Entries FAQ

How much do you charge?
Every project is priced individually. The rate depends upon how many services you choose, the requirements of the awards program being entered, the number of stages involved in the entry process, the amount of original content to be written, and whether any content is being recycled from other entries.

How much notice do you need?
Ideally, you should contact me as soon as the entry period begins, as the amount of lead time is dependent upon the number of services you choose and the requirements and complexity of the program being entered. There is a limit to the number of entries I’ll write for each program. We also need to allow enough time for the approval process on your end.

Who submits the entry?
Most clients prefer to submit their own entry and I'll provide you with all the components we agreed upon in the proper format. However, if you choose, I can submit the entry on your behalf.

Who pays the entry fee?
Most clients prefer to pay the entry fee on their company credit card. If you want me to submit the entry and pay the entry fee using my company credit card, there will be ten percent surcharge of the entry fee.

Is my information confidential?
Yes, all the information provided to produce your entry is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of my entry team.

Do you work on multiple entries for the same program?
This depends upon the awards program. I do not write competing submissions if the program or category has only one winner and no nominees or finalists. However, if there are five nominees or finalists per category, I’ll work on up to five entries in that category. Each submission is crafted individually to give you the best possible opportunity.

I’m ready to get started. What’s the next step?
You can fill in the form on my contact page; send an email to with information on your project or call 980-272-8854. We’ll discuss the scope of your project, I’ll email you a quote and we’ll get to work.