A Love of Sports

A little about me
As the youngest in a family of seven kids, I grew up with three sisters, and also with three brothers who participated in all types of sports. When one of my brothers took me under his wing, I became part of the team – and played football, basketball and baseball right alongside them.

As I got older, this love of sports led me to volleyball, tennis, racquetball and golf. When it was time for college, the obvious avenue was a career in sports, where I worked as an administrator and writer for 30 years.

Moving beyond the stick and ball sports, I was introduced to the world of soccer and wrestling by my son. And then there’s my love of the Olympics and the sports I can only watch on TV and not compete in – like luge, bobsled and ski jumping.

cleveland_browns_logo_detailSo I’ve been involved in sports from all angles – as the participant on the playground, on the summer team, in high school and college; as the parent watching my son compete; as a fan of my hometown team – the Cleveland Browns; and as an executive in the industry.

I’ve worked with coaches, athletic directors, marketing managers, sponsorship directors, company owners, team presidents and owners, and league commissioners.

What does this mean for you?
I use my previous experiences in sports in my role as a direct response copywriter, content writer and awards entry writer for the sports and fitness industries.

My experiences have given me invaluable insight into the minds of my clients’ customers. And I put that knowledge to use in all of my writing. I can create the best message to achieve the results you're seeking, whether you need sales collateral, landing pages, case studies, white papers, special reports, advertorials, articles, press releases or other projects. Or, it could be an entry for an awards program, a publication to commemorate an anniversary, a newsletter or magazine to communicate with your audience on a weekly or monthly basis, scripts for presenters or speakers or any of the numerous other types of messages you need to reach your goals.

I’ve also received advanced copywriting training from American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) and keep up to date on the latest promotional and persuasive writing techniques. Additionally, I’ve learned from some of the top copywriters in the business, including Clayton Makepeace and Dan Kennedy.

Beyond writingKayaking
In my spare time, I can be found walking my dog or exploring the lake in my kayak. And when the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s always a good book to read.

Let's get started?
You’ll find that I’m easy to work with, detail oriented and highly organized. I’ll provide you with quality copy while meeting deadlines.

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